Life Depends On Sports

There is a saying “Life is exercise, the first wealth is life”. If you want to make time out of your busy daily life and work, you really need some motivation. But as long as you stick to one, two, ten and twenty years. You will find that your appearance and temperament are different from those of your peers. You will find that long hours of exercise mentality will also become younger.

Running is a good exercise. Running can jog and gradually increase the time. The general use of breathing in the running breath. If you felt not good when you are running, you can breathe in the mouth breath. Jogging, as an aerobic exercise. It should be distinguished from fast running. Running consistently will give you a strong heart and cardiovascular system, while increasing the maximum oxygen intake at the same time to the body’s organs greatly increased oxygen supply. The quality of each organ work greatly improved. In addition, long-distance running speeds up blood circulation, giving the coronary artery enough blood to supply the myocardium and prevent heart disease. Through the movement of the lower limbs, venous blood is caused to flow back to the heart and intravenous thrombosis is also prevented. Exercise not only cultivates a strong will, eliminates fatigue and treats mental illness but also science had proved that health promotion and physical fitness are the most effective methods.

Sports need to choose your own comfortable sportswear. Choosing good sport suits can reduce damage caused by muscle and joint vibration to speed up blood flow. Reduce lactic acid accumulation. So choose your own comfortable sportswear is very important. I like to wear Milan football suits when I am exercising. Because i am an Inter Milan Football Club’s super fan. If i wear Inter ‘s football shirts, I will feel more motivated when I was run. I like the new purple black bodice suit of 2018 / 2019, because the side of the dress is designed purple stripes, so it is much taller, thinner. The three pieces at the back of the dress are designed to straighten out the back. I wore for 2 hours without feeling sultry and heavy, but felt very comfortable. It is made of recycled polyester fiber and recycled marine waste. It not only reduces the pollution of marine plastic recycling, but also provides us with a comfortable feeling. If you feel this jacket leggings suit make you constraint, you can choose some fashionable football shirts and shorts. If you happen to be an Inter Milan Football Club football fan, you can choose the classic Milan red and black T-shirt. This dress is more representative I hope you can enjoy your exercise and have a healthy body.

It is also important to have a good rest and a good diet after exercise. Keep your body in balance with a little water and salt after exercise. But keep in mind that you should not drink violently immediately after strenuous exercise. You should rest for a while before you supplement it. Eat more high-protein foods and vegetables. Strenuous exercise is to have the support of the body.


Real Madrid 2014-15 Football Shirts

When it comes to Real Madrid, the most successful football club in the world, passionate fans must know it. The club has won a lot of trophies until now, including La Liga, Copa del Rey, Supercopa de España, FIFA Club World Cup, UEFA Champions League and so on.

Recently, Real Madrid played a game against Bayern Munich at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, the home stadium of Real Madrid with a capacity of 81,044 spectators. Real Madrid could qualify for the UEFA Champions League Final without losing a goal at the home game. As the champion of the 2016-17 UEFA Champions League, it would not miss this opportunity because it is the last chance for them to win the trophy this season. Certainly, Real Madrid won the game successfully.

Sergio Ramos, the captain of Real Madrid, said something about the game in an interview. “Bayern is indeed a strong team. The game is too difficult for us to win. They do control the game, but we are even better in this game. Believe in yourself. Real Madrid’s ‘DNA’ tells you that you must fight to the end, so we are fighting. In the end, Real Madrid deserves to qualify for the finals.”

The match jerseys for Real Madrid in the 2014-15 season were unveiled jointly by Adidas and the club. The well-designed football shirts can help players perform better in games. The club achieved great success in Copa del Rey and UEFA Champions League in 2013-14 season. Players were ready for a new successful season, wearing the brand new shirts.

Real Madrid 2014-15 Home Shirt

Real Madrid’s famous and traditional white home jerseys have made opponents frightened in recent years. The front of the new jersey is uniquely crafted and it will be shining in the light. The shirt has a huge and invisible five-pointed star on the front that symbolizes the club’s great victories in the past and pays homage to the sporting achievements.

The new home jersey is inspired by the symbolic symbol of “Madridismo”, so it features distinctive mandarin-style collar and pink details. In addition, the team logo that is printed on the chest is made by new technology to reduce the weight of the jersey and improve the wearing comfort.

Real Madrid 2014-15 Away Shirt

The brand new away jersey is predominately pink, and the color is never used in Real Madrid’s 112-year history. The specially designed white team logo and Adidas brand logo appears more stylish on the pink jersey. Besides, the away jersey also has some exquisite details as the home jersey. It features three white Adidas stripes on shoulders and sponsor’s name on the chest.

These new jerseys are made by Adidas adizero technology in order to produce lighter and more comfortable match jerseys. Therefore, the shirts become the lightest match jerseys among all Adidas shirts. They can help players run faster and more freely on the pitch. What’s more, the jerseys are made by ClimaCool technology to help regulate body temperature and keep players dry and cool during 90 minutes.

Bayern Minich 2017-18 Football Shirts

According to an English media, there are 15 most beautiful football shirts from around the world. The first shirt is Bayern Munich away football shirt 2017-18. Let’s have a look.

Bayern Minich 2017-18 Away Shirt

The away shirt is expected to pay homage to the classic football jerseys of Bayern Munich and to encourage players to perform better. It is predominately navy blue with a red stripe on the front. A retro V-neck collar and iconic Adidas three stripes make the shirt more stylish and modern. Indispensable Adidas brand logo and the club crest are shown on the chest. The four five-pointed stars above the club crest symbolize 20 titles of Bundesliga that Bayern Munich got in the past. The slogan “Mia san Mia(I am what I am)” is knitted at the back of the shirt, which is a necessary element for the club.

On the one hand, the shirt is lighter than previous ones, so players are able to move freely and quickly on the pitch. On the other hand, this away shirt is so breathable that players can be cool and dry during 90 minutes.

If you love it, too, you can get the shirt at online stores. Wear the Bayern football shirt to show your loyalty.

Bayern Minich 2017-18 Third Shirt

This third shirt is the first football shirt for Bayern Munich that has designed by a fan of the club. Adidas launched “Creator Studio”, a digital platform, last summer, which gave fans around the world the opportunity to create a third football jersey 2017-18 for Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Juventus, AC Milan and Flamengo RJ. The shirt designed by Bayern’s fan Joseph was fortunately chosen as the official match jersey for the club.

The brand new third shirt shows perfectly the classic elements of the club. It is predominately white, while the red stripes, red Adidas stripes and red cuffs catch the eye.

Adidas Climacool technology, breathable material and unique sewing techniques can help players keep cool and dry. Besides, the new jersey is made from recycled polyester, which has played a major role in Adidas’ environmental protection and sustainable projects by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and reducing environmental impact.

Although Bayern Munich lost the game against Real Madrid in the semifinals of UEFA Champions League, the club is still powerful and successful. It has won successive six titles of Bundesliga from the 2012-13 season. In addition, Bayern has won 18 titles of DFB-Pokal, six titles of DFB/DFL-Supercup and six championships of DFL-Ligapokal. The club also won Intercontinental Cup in 1976 and 2001 and FIFA Club World Cup in 2013.

Like other football clubs, the world-famous club owns many talented and hardworking players, such as Manuel Neuer and Thomas Müller.

Manuel Neuer is a German professional goalkeeper and captains both Bayern Munich and Germany national team. Known for his unique playing style and speed, Neuer is widely regarded as a “sweeper-keeper” and he can control the ball perfectly. In 2011 and 2014, Neuer was named Footballer of the Year in Germany; he was named IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper four times from 2013 to 2016.

Barcelona 2014-15 Football Shirts

Barcelona 2014-15 Home Shirt

The Barcelona 2014-15 home football shirt was unveiled by Nike and Barcelona. Some Barcelona players wore the shirt for the first time at the lunch event, including Sergi Samper, Edgar Ié and Jean Marie Dongou Tsafack who came from Barcelona B and players of Barcelona first team, representing the club’s hope for the future.

From La Masia with unbeatable installations for youth athletes to the world-famous Camp Nou, Barcelona players represent a unique style of play, and they are world-renowned for their youth training philosophy.

The classic red and blue striped home shirt shows that the strong Blaugran(Barcelona) will try their best to win each game in the 2014-15 season. The unique and modern jersey allows Barcelona fans to recognize the jersey at a glance and gain a sense of identity.

The home jersey features wider and deeper red and blue stripes. The Senyera flag is put on the newly designed blue neckline to represent the pride of the team as a representative of Catalonia. It is the first time that the flag has appeared on the front of the jersey. Besides, the slogan“Mes que un club(More than a club)” and “1899”(the club was established in 1899) are embroidered inside of the flag. The word “Barca” at the back of the collar is printed in a unique Catalan yellow font.

The new home shorts are blue with red Adidas stripes on both sides; the new home socks are also blue with red stripes at the top and red pattern(like “V”) on the back.

Nike’s Dri-FIT technology can absorb sweat from skin to the shirt, so it can quickly evaporate. What’s more, the Dri-FIT technology, laser-cutting technology and mesh fabric ensure the breathability of the home shirt to keep players cool and dry during 90 minutes.

The material of the home kit is made from recycled polyester, which largely shows Nike’s environmental awareness.

Barcelona 2014-15 Away Shirt

In the new season, the Barcelona team players would wear the bright colored away jerseys that represent the spirit of the La Masia Youth Academy that have trained lots of excellent players, including all three finalists for the Ballon d’Or(Andrés Iniesta, Lionel Messi and Xavi). The bright scarlet shirt is simple but unique, which reflects the determination of Barcelona young talents to take the lead on the world football.

The outside of the cuffs is dark red and the inside is dark blue, representing the club. The back of the collar is a Catalan flag with Barcelona’s traditional red and blue stripes. In addition, the pennant inside of the collar is printed with the club’s slogan “Mes que un club(More than a club)and “1899”.

The brand new away shorts with blue stripes on both sides and socks are scarlet, too.

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